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DrysdalesAlways the Solution

Drysdales is a long-established, innovative agricultural business located in the Scottish Borders. The company has developed from its origins as a farm-based enterprise to a nationwide processor of added-value, locally grown vegetables.

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What makes us Drysdalesand shapes our future

  • We believe in keeping it simple - be the best at what we do. As such we are a fully integrated business, from renting the fields, growing, harvesting and processing of all the products we supply.

    Our Philosophy

  • Drysdales benefits from a highly-motivated, loyal workforce. Employing from 130 to 300 people at any one time, we are committed to supporting the local community, and are one of the largest independent employers in the region.

    Our people

  • Through our continued level of capital investment, we are able to spend over £5 million on key operational projects such as mesh to cover crops, upgrading our facilities, buying and maintaining field equipment, automation within the production areas, as well as creating our own source of water and waste water treatment. We also invest over £4 million every year planting our own crops.

    Capital Investment

  • Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We've developed our own source of water and waste water treatment, created high quality long term Land bank seven year rotation and implemented Waste management system. We have also embraced a policy of lean green thinking (LGT).


  • In order to stay at the top of our game, and offer our customers the best quality produce and service, we focus upon innovative methods of farming and production. Previous innovations have included online micro perforation, Enviromesh to negate the use of sprays, year round supply of both swedes and sprouts, and methods to improve shelf life whilst reducing road miles. Future innovations include automation of produce preparation.


  • Drysdales are actively involved with local schools. Through partnership with local schools children will have the opportunity to experience skills for learning, life and work. It not only will allow children to have a better understanding of the workplace and opportunities available it will also highlight the benefits of healthy eating.

    Social Responsibility

  • Crop utilisation has become a major focal point in Drysdales strategy for the future. Turning our by-product which would normally go for stock feed into convenient, healthy, nutritional tasty products is not only the right thing to do for the environment, it also makes financial sense.

    Crop Utilisation

R & K Drysdales have a commitment to the present and future

The Workforce

Drysdales benefits from a highly-motivated, loyal workforce.
Employing from 130 to 300 people at any one time, we are committed to supporting the local community, and are one of the largest independent employers in the region. We also have our own employment agency, Option A, who provide temporary staff for the production area and farming. (Option A Website)

The Automated Sprout Peeler

Developed and patented by Drysdales, the automated sprout peeler uses a two-dimensional vision system to detect the orientation of the sprout in order to give direction to the robotic arms. These then pick the sprouts up and pass them through a water jet which trims them accurately and hygenically. The robot can trim 360 sprouts a minute, this would take 6 peelers to do manually!

Click here to see The Sprout Peeler In Action!

Accreditations from the trade

Drysdales are committed to the concept of a viable agriculture which is environmentally, socially & ethically acceptable. Thus ensuring the continuity and supply of wholesome, affordable food while conserving and enhancing the fabric and wildlife of the British countryside for future generations, utilising the principles of Integrated Crop Management.
The maintenance of the quality management system ensures continual improvement of all matters relating to food safety, legality and quality.

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New Product Development

Shredded Swede

Low calorie, low GI and wheat free. A healthy, nutritional alternative to carbohydrates.
Shredded swede is so versatile and can be cooked in a variety of ways: boiled, steamed, microwaved, stir fried.

Shredded Leeks and Sprouts

Leeks and sprouts which are outside our customers specifications but are perfect in every other way.
Shredded for a convenient and quick stir fry base.

Kalettes ®

kalettes ® are a new innovative type of brassica developed by crossing brussel sprouts with kale to suit modern consumers. The result - a brand new vegetable which looks like a little, tiny cabbage with green frilly leaves and twice the amount of vitamin C than standard brussels sprouts!
After a quick rinse kalettes® can be steamed, microwaved, stir fried, boiled or blanched.

About ussenior management team

Chris has been with Drysdales in a non-executive capacity for over thirty years and as Managing Director for twenty years.

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Chris Keenan

Managing Director

01368 830 448, ext. 201


Ian manages the whole farming operation and was promoted to the Drysdale board in 2014

team member avatar

Ian McLachlan

Farming and Facilities Director

01368 830 448, ext. 203


Gavin has overseen a restructuring, management buy-out, and founded our sister temporary labour company Option A.

team member avatar

Gavin Simpson

Finance Director

01368 830 448, ext. 203


Lynn joined Drysdales in 2015 and is responsible for the commercial strategy of the company.

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Lynn Jackson

Commercial Manager

01368 830 448, ext. 216


With 40 years of Drysdale's service, Kenny is now responsible for all procurement of 3rd party crop and logistics.

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Kenny Blair

Procurement and Logistics Manager

01368 830 448, ext. 205


Gavin as Operations Manager has an avid interest in business improvement and in finding ways of making processes operate more effectively.

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Gavin Milne

Operations Manager

01368 830 448, ext. 220


Recipes and Tipsfun new ways to cook with our vegetables

Quick Tipssee more in our recipe section

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Why not do this with your sprouts

Dont be tempted to cross the bottom like your granny used to do. This makes them soggy and bitter.

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Why not do this with your swedes

Peri Peri Swede Chunky Chips
Step 1 : Prepare swede into chunky chips as per instructions from our Farming Director. Leave as chips rather than cubes.
Step 2 : Par-boil swede for approx 10 minutes
Step 3 : Cover a deep pan with seasoning and cocnut oil
Step 4 : Add swede chips and roll until lightly covered.
Step 5 : 220C for 25 minutes. Turn halfway

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blog preview cover

Why not do this with your leeks

Shredded Sprouts and Leeks
Wipe a wok with olive oil.
Fry 100g shredded sprouts and 100g shredded leeks for 4/5 minutes or until tender.
Add what ever flavourings you like.......how about smoked paprika, or garlic, soy sauce and ginger or just a few chilli flakes

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