Our Products
Drysdales is a quality vegetable provider, growing 50,000 tonnes of fresh Scottish vegetables all year round for British Supermarkets. We are a fully integrated business, controlling the growing and processing of all the products we supply. Our highly motivated local staff, continued capital investment and commitment to innovation puts us at the forefront of sustainable vegetable production.

Swede Drysdales is the largest Swede grower in the UK, growing 1500 acres which represent 33% of the UK Swede consumption. We consider ourselves to be leaders and innovators in the market being the first to wash and grade Swede, develop a self-propelled harvester and, most recently, create our own ready-to-cook Easy Swede. Easy Swede is a 100% natural, locally-grown, pre-prepared, quality Swede that's ready to eat in 10 minutes.

Drysdales supply Sprouts all year round growing more than any other company in Europe; around 900 acres. We are at the forefront of product innovation being the largest peeler, at around 2000 tonnes of Sprouts in the UK, and the first company to introduce a semi automated peeling line. In response to consumer demand we now supply baby sprouts throughout the year. With our detailed planned acreage and hard-working team we are proud to be able to guarantee uninterrupted supply for the highly-demanding festive season.

Drysdales is the largest supplier of Leeks in Scotland; we currently grow over 160 acres and have plans to become the largest leek grower in the UK. We are developing a fully-automated Flag and Root production trimmer to enable us to process large volumes at a very high quality in the most efficient manner.

As one of the country's largest suppliers of Swede, Sprouts and Leeks, we believe we have the right product mix, processes in place and company ethos to continue to innovate, supply and operate successfully whilst utilising the strong local resources.

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