About Us...
Drysdales is a long-established, innovative agricultural business located in the Scottish Borders. The company has developed from its origins as a farm-based enterprise to a nationwide processor of added-value, locally grown vegetables.

Our philosophy
We believe in keeping it simple- be the biggest and best at what we do. As such we are a fully integrated business, controlling the growing and processing of all the products we supply.

Our People
Drysdales benefits from a highly-motivated, loyal workforce. Employing from 130 to 300 people at any one time, we are committed to supporting the local community, and are one of the largest independent employers in the region.

Capital Investment
Through our continued level of capital investment, we are able to spend over £4 million on key Lean Green Thinking Logo operational projects such as mesh to cover crops, upgrading our high care facilities, buying and maintaining field equipment, as well as creating our own source of water and waste water treatment. We also invest over £2.5 million every year planting our own crops.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We've developed our own source of water and waste water treatment, created high quality long term Land bank seven year rotation and implemented Waste management system. We have also embraced a policy of lean green thinking (LGT).

In order to stay at the top of our game, and offer our customers the best quality produce and service, we focus upon innovative methods of farming and production. Previous innnovations have included online micro perforation, Enviromesh to negate the use of sprays, year round supply of both swedes and sprouts, and methods to improve shelf life whilst reducing road miles. Future innovations include automation of produce preparation and further development of unique produce such as our Easy Swede.

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Chris Keenan: Managing Director
chris@rkdrysdale.co.uk Ext. 201

Stuart Edwards: Chairman

Gavin Simpson: Finance Director
gavin@rkdrysdale.co.uk Ext. 202

Ian Maclachan: Facilities Director
ian@rkdrysdale.co.uk Ext. 203

Peter Thompson: Production Director
peter@rkdrysdale.co.uk Ext. 220